Cyprus Professional Kitchen Equipment

Industrial kitchen equipment is used for large and large enterprises. Coolers, cookers, service and transport equipment are designed for restaurant, hotel and open buffet working areas. Cyprus professional kitchen equipmentWhile making the work of kitchen workers easier, it will also be a profitable use in the field of industrial production by consuming less energy.  

Cyprus Industrial Type Kitchen Equipment  

Industrial kitchen equipment offers a wide area of use, facilitates work in production and saves energy. It systematically installs all the tools and equipment used in the mixing, cleaning and cooking area, together with ventilation systems, cooler tanks, transport equipment, service personnel and preparation equipment. Cyprus professional kitchen equipmentIt is a special production.  

· Storage, stacking and hood models  

· Beverage preparation equipment  

Mixer, crusher and crusher preparation equipment  

Buffet service unit equipment  

· Dishwasher equipment  

Mobile and field kitchen equipment  

Kitchen auxiliary equipment  

Outdoor service equipment  

Work and joinery benches  

Service and heat insulated benches  

By offering wide areas of use, it will ensure that all the tools and equipment needed in the industrial kitchen area are prepared with stainless materials, and it will make the work easier by making arrangements.  

Cyprus Professional Storage And Stacking Equipment  

The materials needed by restaurants and catering companies are made with special industrial materials and integrated into the working area. Working with gas and electric systems, low-energy equipment will help maintain order and be effective in keeping food fresh. For the freshness of the products, which will ensure the design of storage cooling rooms, Cyprus professional kitchen equipmentwill be responsible for the safe positioning of the stacking shelves in the storage area. Stacking equipment arranged with special steel materials in the storage area will be brought together with special materials installed by engineers and technicians, and will provide order in your kitchen.  

Cyprus Professional Dishwasher Equipment  

Industrial type dishwashers have been designed for the degreasing and quality cleaning of large boilers and cooking utensils. Cyprus professional kitchen equipment It will enable you to use glass washing, plate washing and drying units together and will offer the best for you to be fast and hygienic in production.  

Dishwashers with a washing capacity of at least 1000 dishes  

Middle class dishwasher types with a washing capacity of 500 dishes  

Dishwashers with a washing capacity of 1000 and 500 glasses  

Drying unit and dishwashing cassettes  

It is among the professional equipment. By offering wide usage, it will facilitate your use with special faucet reinforcements that will ensure cleaning of glasses and plates as well as washing large cauldrons.  

Cyprus Professional Beverage Preparation Equipment  

Widely used beverage preparation equipment has a large capacity for the preparation of coffee and tea drinks with easy-to-clean materials. Models to be used to prepare world coffees and coffee varieties unique to Turkey are made of specially designed steel and stainless materials. While providing comfortable use, heating and cooling will assist in the preparation of cold and hot drinks together with supplementary products.  

ice crusher; The special industrial ice crusher for cold coffee preparation will be effective in facilitating the work by offering fast and large capacity in the production area. Ideal for use on prep equipment and beverage counter.  

Cyprus Open Buffet Service Units  

Heat insulated service units, Cyprus professional kitchen included in the equipment. The materials used in open buffet services and standard service areas ensure that the food is kept in a clean area without losing its heat value. It is a wide range of special production equipment that can be worked with service personnel and heat cabinets. As clean and sterile kitchen materials, it has features that are easy to clean and consume low energy.  

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